WORKSPACE/LABO – Master Class#1 – Sarah & Charles – 15&16.11.18

Starting from their practice as visual artists, Sarah & Charles invite students & professional artists to participate in a two day workshop merging influences of visual arts with performing arts into proposals for stage design. Inspiration is drawn from both the sculptural object and the moving body, to get hold of the tension field between both. The characteristic of certain objects and stage elements, functioning as opponents in performances, are being sought out in order to understand their visual and narrative quality. Improvisations are then compressed into concrete proposals for set design on stage. How can an idea for choreography or dramaturgy guide you towards a certain choice of set-design? But also, how can a certain line-up of objects, fabrics, and light-and stage elements influence your take on a piece?


Who: mixed group of master students drama, students music & residents STUDIO visual arts & PODIUM podium arts Cas-co – max. 14 persons